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Our membership of over 160 surgeons across Canada and around the world have  dedicated their Plastic Surgery practice to their aesthetic patients. By specializing in aesthetic medicine and aesthetic surgery upon completion of their comprehensive plastic surgery training, CSAPS members are uniquely qualified to care for all your aesthetic needs. We have the privilege of meeting with you in person, listening to your concerns and sharing our expertise to offer potential solutions. We love what we do and will assure you the finest aesthetic surgery experience possible. We’re confident you’ll be ecstatic with both the experience and your results.

We invite you to use the CSAPS surgeon locator above to find the CSAPS members conveniently located in your area, with the expertise to meet your aesthetic goals. Rest assured that each CSAPS qualified surgeon upholds our highest standards of care, safety and expertise.


You’ll be ecstatic with both the experience and your results.

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism may seem like a cost effective way to combine cosmetic surgery and a “holiday”.  There are many concerns patients must consider when contemplating medical tourism.

  • It is often in countries with less regulation and therefore less patient safety.
  • The surgical facilities do not meet the standards of the facilities used by CSAPS members.
  • The surgeon will be less qualified than a CSAPS member.
  • The decision for surgery should be in person, unrushed and complete.
  • Internet consultations are inadequate and potentially unsafe.
  • Patients need to have a relationship with their surgeon and trust their surgeon.
  • Immediate short term and long term follow up is critical for optimal outcome – this is not possible with medical tourism.
  • Many CSAPS surgeons have seen patients with complications after medical tourism.
  • If you have a complication after medical tourism, you will need to travel to that location for corrective surgery.
  • There are complications associated with long air travel soon after elective surgical procedures.

My breasts were purple.’ In Colombia, even a dentist can perform plastic surgery.

Please follow this link for a recent article of the dangers of medical tourism.


The Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is grateful to the companies and supporters that help us reach our research and educational goals. Through these partnerships with our industry leaders, we’re innovating new practices and procedures, advancing knowledge in this cutting-edge field.

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