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With the increased restriction on the relationships between corporations and pharmaceutical companies over the last number of years, there has been a significant impact on the relationship of all physicians, including plastic surgeons and private companies. These regulations have also impacted upon the association between the Canadian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and industry. These government regulations have had some positive impact in preventing unethical and unscrupulous behaviour by a small segment of the pharmaceutical industry but it has had a negative impact by affecting the long term relationships that have existed with many of the ethical aesthetic industry partners and physicians. These changes have unfortunately impacted on the relationships between many of our industry leaders and physicians and decreased their contribution to facilitating care of our aesthetic patients.

Contribution to CSAPS is permitted in a fully transparent process whereby industry can contribute to the education and research of the members of the society.

CSAPS is pleased to acknowledge our two diamond sponsors. These two companies have provided unrestricted educational grants to be used to provide educational opportunities for the membership at our annual meeting with no industry bias. We are greatly indebted to these industry leaders for their contribution to the CSAPS and the members of CSAPS. Ultimately these grants benefit our patients as they allow the membership to be kept abreast of the latest advances in aesthetic surgery, aesthetic medicine and aesthetic technology.

Why Partner with CSAPS?

The purpose of CSAPS is to promote excellence, innovation and safety in the field of aesthetic medicine and surgery. Beyond this worthy pursuit, a partnership with CSAPS allows your company access to the busiest, most respected aesthetic surgeons in the country.

Our tax-deductible partnership levels include an on-site presence at our annual conference, giving you the ideal opportunity to promote and educate our member physicians and other attendees about your products and services. It is a cost-effective means to interact with this captive audience. This is one of the benefits of partnering with CSAPS and supporting our research and educational goals.

Access to the busiest, most respected aesthetic surgeons in the country.

Levels of Sponsorship


The Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is grateful to the companies and supporters that help us reach our research and educational goals. Through these partnerships with our industry leaders, we’re innovating new practices and procedures, advancing knowledge in this cutting-edge field.

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