Laser facial vein removal

Unsightly facial veins are enlarged blood vessels caused by aging, pregnancy or oral contraceptives. Many women develop varicose veins in their legs after pregnancy.

When facial and leg veins are treated with a laser, the laser light is absorbed into the blood cells, and causes the blood to coagulate. This leaves the blood vessel walls unsupported, causing them to collapse. During the healing process, the blood vessels dissolve and are eliminated.

Laser removal of veins is painless, leaves no bruises, and is very effective. Most small to medium veins can be treated with great effectiveness, minimal discomfort and no side effects.

Laser treatment of spider veins can eventually eliminate most blood vessels; you can leave our office without bruises after you are treated and return to work. Large leg veins may need to be treated with sclerotherapy.

During treatment you will experience a mild snapping sensation rather like being snapped with a rubber band. Laser treatment of veins does not require you to take pain medication or receive local anesthetic.

Right after your treatment the veins treated may appear darker but the color will fade over the next 6 weeks. Expect up to an 80% improvement in facial veins and up to a 40% improvement in leg spider veins after laser treatment.

Three treatments at three-month intervals may be necessary to eliminate all veins.