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The Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery was designed to bring together the best Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in Canada and internationally—an organization of experts in the field, working collaboratively to continue advancing the specialty of aesthetic medicine and aesthetic surgery. Our membership of over 160 surgeons embody that lofty ideal, leading aesthetic plastic surgery into the future with innovative practices, cutting-edge technology and peerless dedication to our craft.

As an organization of knowledge leadership, the CSAPS members share expertise in all aesthetic procedures and techniques with one another, to augment the skills of every member. By staying on top of the latest advances in aesthetic medicine, our members can proudly assure their clients that they’re receiving the best in safety and patient care. This is the advantage of entrusting your care to a true industry leader.

The CSAPS maintains its exacting standards by operating on an invite-only membership, carefully assessing the cases of prospective members and admitting only the most qualified aesthetic plastic surgery professionals practicing today. We’re the best there is at what we do, and admission to CSAPS tells the world that you met the requirements of membership.

We’re the best there is at what we do, and admission to CSAPS tells the world that you met the requirements of membership.

Benefits of Membership

Upon joining the organization, CSAPS members are granted unfettered access to the latest news and developments in the field, our collection of innovative vendors and suppliers, a massive library of surgical videos by experts from around the world… and as importantly, access to our other dedicated members.

Mentorship and knowledge sharing between CSAPS members is invaluable. Every member of our organization has a vested interest in maintaining and advancing the industry-leading skill-set our surgeons are famous for. To optimize the care you can offer your patients, there is no greater opportunity for learning, developing and advancing your practice. CSAPS membership indicates you are amongst the finest aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in Canada.

Your practice will be added to our website locator, re-directing discerning clientele to your website and your office through the physician locator and your own patient images on the before and after gallery. In addition, CSAPS members have instant access to vendors that are critical to our success as well as CSAPS conferences, showcasing the most cutting-edge practices and technologies. The CSAPS annual meeting provides in-depth surgical videos of the latest surgical procedures presented by the global experts. As an added benefit, you’ll earn discounted rates to the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, where you can keep abreast with the leaders and procedures in the aesthetic world.

Full Membership

Full CSAPS members must have been in private practice for at least 2 years. After obtaining sponsorship from 2 existing CSAPS members and passing the membership vote, the initial joining fee is $800.00, with annual renewal dues of $800.00.

Full CSAPS members are eligible to vote on the direction of the organization and membership, have their practice and before / after images featured  on our home page and are listed on the CSAPS page of Elevate Magazine.  Full members have reduced fees to attend the annual meeting.  Most of our members also enjoy the unfettered access to our extensive video library.

Candidate Membership

Candidate CSAPS associates are in their first four years of private practice and pay only $350.00 as an initial joining fee. While Candidate members are not yet eligible to vote or hold office, they are able to reapply for full membership at no additional fee at the end of their candidate term. Candidates members also receive a  reduced registration rate for the  CSAPS annual meetings and video library access that is enjoyed by full members.  The educational value of these benefits cannot be overstated to our young aesthetic surgeons.  It allows  them to hone their skills en route to becoming full members.

Educational Partners

CSAPS partners with several vendors and companies in the industry to work together to meet our goals in education and research in the aesthetic field. These companies are on the cutting-edge of technology, provide the most advanced products and services, and have partnered  with CSAPS to ensure access to these resources for our membership.

It’s all part of our ongoing commitment to innovation and thought-leadership in Aesthetic medicine and aesthetic surgery.


The Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is grateful to the companies and supporters that help us reach our research and educational goals. Through these partnerships with our industry leaders, we’re innovating new practices and procedures, advancing knowledge in this cutting-edge field.

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